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Height-adjustable monitor arms

We’ve all heard by now that elevating your desk (see this blog article from our Environments furniture division) so that you can sit OR stand is great for your body. Constant sitting at your desk can lead to unwanted health effects.

But if you can’t afford a height-adjustable desk, there may be a simpler solution for you: this sit-stand workstation by LCD Arms. It fits on most regular desks, and provides the same flexibility to sit or stand. Please contact your Account Manager for additional details on this product or similar products.


Now, for those who enjoy DIY projects, here are a few options to help create the same standing benefits from your office desk. Of course, some might be difficult to convert back to a regular sitting position.


Attach your monitor to the wall in a higher position to where you can stand. Use a shelf to heighten your keyboard. The problem with this option is your monitor will be stationary and cannot be changed back into a sitting position very easily.



deskmonitorUse a specialized shelf on your desk. You can quickly remove the shelf and be back in a sitting position in no time (although you have to find a place to store the shelf in the meantime).





As a last resort, use a block of wood or bucket to make you monitor higher. Not the prettiest look, but certainly achieves the same benefit of heightening your monitor.


5 healthy habits to practice at work

  1. Pack a lunch
    Avoid the urge to head to the vending machine or the closest fast-food restaurant on your break.   Bring a healthy lunch and snacks from home. Not only will this save you on calories but also save you some money.
  2. Take the stairs
    Instead of using the elevator, take the stairs to get a little bit of a work out. The more times you do it in a day, the more calories you’ll burn.
  3. Drink Tea- avoid coffee
    Although it can be argued that caffeinated tea has less caffeine than coffee that has been proven not to be the case. Tea can also hydrate your body since it mainly consists of H2O, while coffee has stimulants in it that can reduce the energy level once the caffeine wears off.
  4. Stretch it out
    There are many stretches you can do from your desk. However, just getting up and stretching your arms, legs and back every once in a while can help you stay focused longer.
  5. Take your breaks
    Sometimes you are just too busy to take a lunch. So you decide to work through it. After all you brought your lunch, right? But studies have shown it’s very important to take your break away from the desk. This gives your brain a rest and you will be more productive when you return.


Creating a Collaborative Office Space

Collaborative workspaces reflect a design trend that has been around for quite a while. The goal is to create an environment that encourages team involvement, and for colleagues to share information within a common space.  More and more companies are seeing the added benefit of collaboration within the workplace.

Here are some key tips in making your office more collaborative.

  • Open Spaces. Keep your floorplan open and clean. Take down the cubicle walls and bring desks closer together. This will encourage interactions between employees which can be great for brainstorming.
  • More common areas. Provide multiple break rooms for employees to get away from their desks. Add more huddle rooms and casual meeting spaces for small groups to gather.
  • Different work spaces for different work situations. Some spaces may require whiteboards or projectors. Offer a few options where employees can gather with the tools they need to be successful.
  • Mobility. Encourage employees to switch desks on a regular basis to help build strong networks between people and projects.
  • Communication. Share with employees the benefits of having a collaborative environment. Some may feel it’s a way to monitor them. Make sure employees understand the purpose is to help inspire new ideas and nurture a strong company culture.

Contact our design team at Environments Denver for more information about creating collaborative workplaces.

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