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3 Tips for the Office Holiday Party

Ah, the office holiday party season is upon us! Attending our company’s holiday party can be exciting, but it can also be a source of anxiety for some. Simple questions can become confusing, such as: What do we wear? Who should we talk to? What should we do at the party? Have no fear, here are three tips to help make a merry time at this year’s holiday party.


Dress Code

Knowing what to wear to an office holiday party ahead of time can help alleviate those concerns. The holiday season is a special time of year and often lends to elegant celebrations, so we may want to dress a little more formal than other events. If the party takes place during the daytime, however, less formal dress is probably appropriate. It helps to know the nature of the event so we aren’t surprised to see everyone wearing ugly sweaters!

The More the Merrier!

Many office holiday parties are meant to be inclusive, in which case we should bring our significant others and/or families along with us. On the other hand, these parties offer an excellent opportunity to meet new people, so we should try to break out of our comfort zone and talk to others that we normally wouldn’t get a chance to. We should set a goal for the number of new people we want to talk to, but we also should be conscious of the guests we bring along and make sure that they have fun and feel included.

Have Fun, but Be Mindful

The office holiday party is meant to be fun, so we should make sure to enjoy ourselves while maintaining an appropriate level of professionalism. Many office parties include activities like a dress-up photo booth or karaoke, in which case employees should have fun participating in these social activities. It’s important to be mindful of any alcohol we consume, and coordinate a safe ride home for ourselves and our guests. It also helps to be mindful of sharing photos on social media, and share only those that would be appropriate for the company’s image.

Does your company do anything exciting for its annual holiday party? We would love to hear about it!


5 Halloween Treats for the Office

Yippee – Halloween is almost here and it’s time to have a party at the office! What better way can we celebrate this holiday than with some delicious Halloween themed snacks!? Here are 5 awesome treats this year that will be so good, they will be scary.

Caramel-Peanut Popcorn


This colorful snack will surely deliver a nice crunch, as well as a little added sweetness.

Pumpkin Cheese Balls


Cheese balls are a delicious mini snack, and now they are even more fun when they are coated with a little paprika and garnished with a green scallion.

Spider Deviled Eggs


A creepy and crawly snack that is equally delightful and distinctive.

Mummy Dogs


These hot dogs will deliver a great flavor as they are trapped in a mouthwatering crescent roll.

Witch Hat Cookies


These cookies will be so good, you will want to fly around on a broomstick.

What is your favorite Halloween-themed snack at the office? We would love to hear about it!

A Look Into the 6-Hour Workday


An 8-hour workday is pretty typical across the United States, but what if we were to cut out a couple hours of work every day? While this may sound like a fantasy, the 6-hour work day is actually gaining a lot of momentum in Sweden. Many companies in Sweden including Toyota, app developer Filmundus, and the Gothenburg’s Svartedalens care home are finding great success with a 30-hour work week for their employees. Linus Feldt, CEO of Filmundus, offers his  take on why a 6-hour work day is beneficial: “My impression now is that it is easier to focus more intensely on the work that needs to be done and you have the stamina to do it and still have the energy left when leaving the office.”

We all know that working too much can be detrimental to our health, and a recent study from The Lancet suggests that we are 33 percent more likely to have a stroke if we work 55-plus hours a week. Working just 30 hours a week in the United States could lead to more time spent with family, and more time for exercise and getting to enjoy the outdoors; but 6-hour workdays could also prove to be very challenging as they would require razor-like focus and being able to block out distractions like social media. While a 30-hour work week certainly won’t work for every employee, it is an interesting concept and might start garnering serious thought outside of Sweden.

Are you for or against the concept of a 30-hour work week? We would love to hear your input!



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