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Wet Erase Markers vs. Dry Erase Markers

If you are anything like the average person, you may not really understand the difference between wet erase markers and dry erase markers. It depends on the type of project you have that will determine which marker is the best for you.

It’s important to remember that using the wrong type of marker on a whiteboard will leave streaks and residue behind. In order to avoid those unsightly marks, avoid leaving any writing up for an extended amount of time. This makes cleaning more difficult.

Here’s a little comparison chart to help:

Wet Eraser Markers: Dry Eraser Markers
  • Wet erase markers contain water-soluble dyes and are intended for acetate, film or non-porous laminated surfaces. Works great with projection screens.
  • Wet erase markers use a paste-based ink rather than alcohol based, which makes their markings semi-permanent.
  • Erase by using a damp cloth
  • Dry erase markers erase with an eraser on most non-porous materials, like whiteboards, porcelain, melamine and glass.
  • Do not use on a projection screen.
  •  Contains water-soluble dyes that will penetrate and stain porous surfaces.

10 ways to have fun at work

Sometimes the normal office routine can become mundane and can lower productivity. To increase employee efficiency, escalate the fun within the office workspace.  You’ll feel better about going to work and may actually enjoy it!

  1. Create a humor board. This is a bulletin board space to put up funny articles or comic strips from the local paper. Co-workers can share humorous thoughts and ideas with each other.
  2. Have a success bell. When a sales member makes a new sale or signs a new client, they can ring the bell. Then everyone cheers.
  3. Have pizza or ice cream parties to celebrate sales goals that are met each month.
  4. Create a monthly newsletter for internal use. Add candid photos of employees at work throughout the month, information on the latest news around the office, or even birthday announcements. Then email it to everyone in the company.
  5. Blast a song at 3:00pm in the office everyone Friday. Maybe the “Old time of Rock and Roll” song. Employees can get up and dance or just sing along with the song. This will re-energize employees, and remind them the week is almost over!
  6. Put games in the breakroom. Maybe a ping pong table or foosball table to encourage interaction and fun on breaks.
  7. Encourage employees to personalize their desks. Add family photos, flowers or any other personal mementoes to show their style and personality.
  8. Install a basketball hoop in the parking lot for breaks and lunch time. This will encourage employees to exercise in the middle of the day, which has been proven to have many benefits.
  9. Organize a spirit day once a month where employees are encouraged to wear their favorite sports team attire or dress up in their favorite color. Then take a photo and add it to the internal company newsletter.
  10. Once a quarter have a 30-45 minute meeting that is not work related. For example, hand out juggling kits and teach everyone how to juggle.

Height-adjustable monitor arms

We’ve all heard by now that elevating your desk (see this blog article from our Environments furniture division) so that you can sit OR stand is great for your body. Constant sitting at your desk can lead to unwanted health effects.

But if you can’t afford a height-adjustable desk, there may be a simpler solution for you: this sit-stand workstation by LCD Arms. It fits on most regular desks, and provides the same flexibility to sit or stand. Please contact your Account Manager for additional details on this product or similar products.


Now, for those who enjoy DIY projects, here are a few options to help create the same standing benefits from your office desk. Of course, some might be difficult to convert back to a regular sitting position.


Attach your monitor to the wall in a higher position to where you can stand. Use a shelf to heighten your keyboard. The problem with this option is your monitor will be stationary and cannot be changed back into a sitting position very easily.



deskmonitorUse a specialized shelf on your desk. You can quickly remove the shelf and be back in a sitting position in no time (although you have to find a place to store the shelf in the meantime).





As a last resort, use a block of wood or bucket to make you monitor higher. Not the prettiest look, but certainly achieves the same benefit of heightening your monitor.


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