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5 Keys to Spring-Cleaning your Office Space

Spring is officially here! With the changing of the seasons, we have probably started to take advantage of the nicer weather and longer hours of daylight. Spring is also the perfect time for workspace improvement, and what better way to accomplish it than by some good old-fashioned spring cleaning. Here are 5 tips to get your office space feeling right again.


#1: Organize!

When most people think of spring cleaning, what often comes to mind is throwing things away. While this is certainly helpful, sometimes we simply need is to organize all the belongings around us. We should divide all of items on our desk into zones if we can, and tools like filing cabinets can provide much-needed space. A good rule of thumb is to keep everything you need within an arm’s length, and everything else neatly put away.

#2: To-do, To-Read, To-File

Continuing the first organization tip, every paper we have should be organized into three categories: to-do, to-read, and to-file. Start by organizing all papers into these three piles; from here, we can have three labeled binders for easy placement of everything going forward. By using these three categories, we can eliminate that mountains of paper that inevitably end up on our desks at times.

#3: Clean Up that Clutter Drawer

The good, old clutter drawer. Chances are we’ve all had one at some point in time – that infamous top drawer where we keep all items we need in some way, but don’t necessarily like to have on our desks. By throwing everything into one drawer, it will be difficult to find our stapler or sticky notes when we will actually need to use these items. Drawer dividers or organizers are a great way to place all of our items into organized sections so we can easily access the items we need.

#4: Digital Clutter

So now you have your desk and office space cleaned off – nice work! Unfortunately, there is probably a bigger mess lurking in the computer. It’s to stash all of the files we need on our desktop, or in one master folder – but that won’t do any favors to our stress levels. The same can be said for not properly organizing and deleting or archiving emails. Luckily, our computers and software have great built-in filing and organization systems. We should create an adequate number of folders that are easy to access, and regularly delete old files on our computers to keep the digital clutter at bay.

#5: Regular Upkeep

Let’s not wait until spring every year to clean our office space! One of the best things we can do is establish a limit for how much clutter we can comfortably deal with. We all get busy, and things eventually pile up, but when we hit our clutter capacity it’s time to clean things up. By spending minimal amounts of time doing some basic cleaning each week, we can all breathe a sigh of relief and maintain our ideal work environment.

Do you have any spring-cleaning suggestions or techniques to maintain a clutter-free office? Share them with us!


Why to Take Your Lunch Break & 5 Ways to Use It

It has become increasingly apparent around many workplaces that lunch breaks are becoming shorter, and in some places even non-existent. While you may be extremely busy and it might be tempting to forgo lunch, doing so could be a big mistake. Skipping out on lunch altogether can be detrimental to your productivity and mood for the rest of the day. By taking a lunch break and other small breaks throughout the day, you will be able to concentrate much more effectively. Here are 5 things you can do on your next lunch break to make the most of it.

#1: Eat!

While this may be obvious to some, other busy people might forget the true purpose of a lunch break – to eat and give our bodies the proper nutrition they need. Fish, nuts, avocados, blueberries, carrots, and whole grains are terrific brain-powering foods your body will thank you for. It is also important not to simply shovel down food at your desk. First, this risks getting crumbs in inopportune places, such as your keyboard. It also doesn’t provide much of a mental break if you are staring at your computer monitor while you eat. 

#2: Go Enjoy Nature 

It may be tempting always to go to your favorite spot downtown for lunch, but doing so might cause unwanted stress by throwing in burdens like traffic and crowds. Try bringing a lunch to a park or your favorite nature spot to truly refresh your perspective and attention span. When it is nice outside, you will likely appreciate getting to spend some of your day in the beautiful outdoors.

#3: Relax

It’s hard not to think constantly of a mental checklist and what we need to be doing at all times. Make a lunch break easy on yourself – take some deep breaths to relax, and let your worries go for a while. By putting yourself in calm state, you’ll be refreshed and find it much easier to focus on tasks at hand when you return.

#4: Errands 

Some of us are very quick eaters. If you have a full hour for lunch and find extra time on your hands, there are many ways to use that time to your advantage. For example, it can be a perfect time to run errands that you might not have time for in the morning or evenings, such as going to the post office or the bank. Crossing errands off your list will also give you a great feeling of accomplishment.

#5: Break Away from the Routine 

Be spontaneous and mix it up! By trying out new places and activities on breaks, you might enjoy a thrill of spontaneity that has been missing from your workday. Seize the opportunity to enjoy those moments – the rest of your workday will thank you!




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