Breakroom Furniture




When Placeable moved into a historic building in the Ballpark neighborhood of Denver, Colorado, EON worked to create an open-concept layout that would also provide employees with privacy and personal storage. We accomplished this by creating custom workstations with frosted dividing panels. The dual-purpose dividing panels give visual privacy and also act as an erasable surface. The cushioned mobile storage pedestals add color and double as a guest chair. The break room is centrally located, with built-in banquet seating, tables and chairs. Also within the space are huddle rooms and conference rooms designed for meetings and group collaboration.


similasan featured 2


The new office space of Similasan USA is located in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. EON’s goal was to create a clean, comfortable work environment with a focus on functionality and style. Our design team incorporated warm wood finishes mixed with white and soothing grey tones throughout the space. The furniture was selected based on its ability to have layered worksurfaces and versatile storage components. To add contrast and energize the space, we used bright colors of red and lime green in the break room.

West Metro Fire Rescue Training Center

West Metro Fire Classroom

EON’s team partnered with the chief staff of the West Metro Fire Rescue Training Center to assist in creating a state-of-the-art facility, while maintaining a safe, durable, and professional environment.  Creating a sense of leadership and quality for those serving our community was also essential in the design intent. These objectives were achieved with functional space planning, careful furniture selections, and right use of materials throughout the space. The fire-engine-red accents represent the firefighters’ dedication and passion, while simultaneously creating a high-energy learning environment.