Office Trends

Collaborative Spaces

With open plan offices increasing in popularity over the old cubicle style office, workplaces are using office furniture in creative ways to form smaller workspaces without the use of walls. With collaboration and team involvement as the goal, these smaller areas offer private spaces to share ideas while still remaining connected to the larger office. At Gilbert High School EON used comfortable seating and a bright yellow rug create a smaller collaborative area within the teacher’s lounge .

Multi-Use Partitions

Partitions, especially glass, are on trend in many offices. Glass can be frosted to retain privacy while still allowing light to flow through the office. Partitions that can be easily moved and stored are also being used to create temporary spaces that can change with a company’s needs. They come in a variety of materials and colors to enhance the design of any office. Striking accordion style panels like those at Magellan Petroleum are sturdy, versatile, and absorb ambient noise that can become a distraction in an open office.

Cafe Stations

With all this shared space, cafe stations can be used throughout the office to encourage people to interact and take much-needed breaks. The days of the water cooler are over- today, having coffee, tea, and snacks on hand is a great way to boost energy and productivity while connecting with coworkers. With workers having more meals at the office than ever before, stations with Keurig machines or healthy snacks like the fruit pictured here at Similasan are helping to keep people alert and energized throughout the day.

Stay tuned for more Office Trends from EON and see more examples of our modern, efficient interior design at Our team of experienced designers can show you how to make the best use of your space for a productive, beautiful office.

Cubicles- How Can Modular Workstations Change Your Office?

Cubicles.  Modular Workstations.  Systems Furniture.  Portable Office Pods.  They can be called something different but all mean the same thing- totally flexible workstations that can be changed on the fly to fit any working environment.  The choice between offices vs. Cubicles or both in your office is actually quite an easy one.  The experienced team at EON Environments can offer some useful information to consider when moving to new space, upgrading existing space or accommodating for growth.

One of the first questions you should ask yourself when deciding where to put modular office systems is who should be sitting in them.  One main reason for having an office compared to a cubicle is thinking about what staffers need to able to speak to clients or staffers behind closed doors.  Most times, this falls upon management roles or anyone responsible for constant interaction.  Additionally, anyone with a need for confidential or sensitive information either over the phone or face to face should always choose an office over a cubicle.

Those who typically find their workspace home in a cubicle are those who need to be more social and build better working relationships with their colleagues.  A recent study by a major systems manufacturer found that employees are away from their workstations approximately 44 percent of their workday.  While that statistic might seem shocking, you will be best served if this time is spent engaging in useful collaboration instead of ineffective time wasting at the water cooler.  This study also found that working in a cubicle can make everyday interactions easier, inspire greater collaboration and most important it found these employees had a more enjoyable work ethic which leads to increased morale and productivity.

In addition to letting employees participate in pleasant everyday chitchat, there is an additional component of learning from those around you.  Examples reported were listening to how someone speaks with others, conflict management techniques and it was even reported that when a few sales professionals conducted a “cold call blitz”, that the energy of those who were succeeding at booking appointments spread a “positive energy” over the rest of the sales team which ended with dramatic results.

The only issue mentioned was the obvious lack of privacy for workers, which some offices met with “private phone booth rooms” for those times when privacy is a must.

Some other advantages to consider:

  • Space Savings- you will gain more staff per square foot using systems furniture compared to private offices
  • Standardization- everyone getting the same thing will eliminate any complaints of unfairness
  • Reduced cost over Office Furniture- Cost per office is less with Cubicles compared to private offices
  • Scalability- Ability to reconfigure and grow with your company

Let EON Environments show you some stylish configurations to meet your office space.  Contact us today for a design meeting!