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5 Ergonomic Office Chairs to Support Good Posture

Sitting in your office chair for long periods of time can lead to high levels of discomfort, and even pain in areas like the lower back. For those of us working in an office setting, we may spend 40+ hours in our chair, and good ergonomic posture is critical. If we aren’t sitting correctly in our chairs, it will strain our hands, shoulders, neck, hips, wrists, and even our eyes.

In addition to affecting our health, discomfort in an office chair affects our productivity. If our posture is correct and we feel comfortable, we will work smarter and be more alert and efficient in our jobs. To help you achieve better ergonomics and productivity, we’ve put together a list of 5 ergonomic office chairs that will improve your comfort and posture – just by sitting in them!

Global Aspen ™ 2850LM-3 (Leather)

Extended Back Multi-Tilter with headrest

Aspen’s unique form-fitting back profile is the result of years of extensive design and testing to determine the optimum support for the widest possible range of users and body types.

  • The back can also be easily and quickly adjusted in height to provide full contact with the lumbar.
  • Aspen is a chair that not only ‘fits’ at the beginning of your work day, but also at the end of the work day when you need it most.
  • Shown in Contract Leather (D541) with optional polished Aluminum (ALU) finish.

Dimensions: 25w x 24d x 45h

Global Loover ™ 2660-0

Extended High Back Synchro Tilter – with Back Angle Adjustment

Automatically the right tilt-tension for every user!

  • Mesh Back is available in 10 standard mesh colors and 50 specialty colors.
  • Loover is also available in fully upholstered fabric, vinyl and leather models.
  • A live lumbar support is incorporated into the back design which is height adjustable via a concealed ratchet system.
  • Side activated sliding seat depth adjustment is standard on Multi-Tilters and Synchro-Tilters.
  • G5 lockable armcaps are height, depth and width adjustable to suit user preference.
  • Five legged, injection molded, fiberglass reinforced, Nylon “Governor” base. Available in polished Aluminum Finish
  • Loover is equipped with Global’s high quality Soft Descent (TM) pneumatic lift which slowly and gently lowers the seat height of the chair making it easy to obtain the exact seat height desired.
  • Shown in Urban, Gravel Road (UR21) and Match, Grey (MT30).

Dimensions: 25.5w x 25d x 45.5h


Global Vion 6331-0

HB Synchro-Tilter w/Upholstered Back

Vion – the creation of world renowned designer Zooey Chu.

  • Vion offers a clean transitional design, exceptional comfort adjustments and tremendous value.
  • Vion is a comprehensive seating series offering a family of models to address multiple applications: task/management/conference/guest/heavy duty 24-7/drafting stools.
  • Series offers Mid and High Back models with mesh or upholstered backs.
  • Five different control mechanism options to suit all price points and ergonomic requirements. Synchro – Tilter w/ Back Angle Adjustment, Weight Sensing Synchro – Tilter, Multi-Tiler, Tilter and Task.
  • Mesh back models are standard in Black (MS69) mesh.
  • Two featured arm options include height and width adjusting arms with sliding arm caps, and a stylish fixed urethane arm (C) for conference/management environments.
  • Four legged guest chairs can stack up to 5 high on the floor and 8 high on the dolly. Caster models do not stack.
  • Optional adjustable lumbar pad is available (excluding Guest chairs).
  • Shown in Allante White (A48E).

Dimensions: 25.5w x 24d x 41.5h

Allseating Inertia 79440-NA-F-OBLK

All Seating Zip Upholstered Task 

Breathable, flexible and lightweight, Inertia® Conference Plus+ perfectly adapts to conference environments.

  • Features a square, modern shape, and a thin profile.
  • The Plus+ chair is perfectly suited for board room applications and is 2″ taller and wider than the Highback model.
  • Provides maximum comfort, support and a sleek design.
  • Fully upholstered seat and back with nylon base and 65mm casters

Dimensions: 28w x 28d x 20.75h

Allseating Zip 92040-NA-F-OBLK

All Seating Zip Upholstered Task 

Typically found chained to its desk, Zip® Task tirelessly provides the support needed to stay productive all day long.

  • Available in Black Standard Nylon Base
  • The sleek and trendy Zip series suits stylish boardroom and office settings.
  • Bright aluminum finish details and a seemingly endless array of comfort and easy adjustability.
  • Upholstered seat and back, high profile aluminum base, sturdy construction built to last.
Dimensions: 28w x 28d x 21.5h

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Product Spotlight- Ergonomic Chairs

October is National Ergonomics Month and the most important piece of ergonomic equipment in any office is the chair.


The human body is meant to remain in motion, so in sedentary jobs a poorly designed chair may cause stress and pressure points over time. A good ergonomic chair has many adjustable features to fit each individual’s body and, more importantly, has a large range of motion in its connections to keep your body in action.

Here are five examples of excellent ergonomic chairs that EON’s Environmental Design team recommends from Global and Allseating. As well as providing excellent support and comfort, these chairs come in a variety of quality materials and finishes to match any decor. Click the photos below to be taken to the manufacturer site for more styles and information.

Loover from Global

The Loover is an office favorite as a standard task chair with features like automatic tension, lumbar support, fully adjustable components, and vented back.

Roma from Global

This eco-friendly option has a flexible back that provides support for spinal alignment and comfort in seated tasks that require more motion. The back tilt locking mechanism provides additional support for stationary tasks as well.

G20 from Global

Sleek styling and clean lines are the hallmarks of this chair. Despite the simple look of this chair, it has advanced ergonomic adjustment options and has a synchronized mechanism that adjusts your seat automatically as you tilt for maximum comfort.

You from Allseating

This curvy chair has a unique U-shaped back suspension that automatically lifts you into a comfortable seated position and conforms to each user’s back to keep the spine supported.

Inertia from Allseating

One challenge of ergonomic chairs can be their large size- this chair provides a solution for smaller spaces with a pared down profile and smaller adjustment controls. It also comes in a variety of beautiful colors and patterns to blend into any office.

Want to see more chair options from EON? Contact your Account Manager for our full range of beautiful, durable, comfortable office furniture.

Adjusting Your Office Chair

If you’ve felt too intimidated by the many levers and dials underneath your desk chair to adjust it properly, you may be sacrificing the best posture and position that will keep your back pain free after sitting for hours. According to the American Chiropractic Association, giving your chair the proper height adjustment can spare you from a load of problems. A chair that’s too low can cause lower-back pain, carpal-tunnel syndrome and rotator-cuff strain in the shoulder. A chair that’s too high can lead to what’s called Golfer’s Elbow—pain and inflammation on the inner side of the elbow. Here are some tips for adjusting your seat to the ergonomic position that best suits you.

It’s as easy as standing up. Stand in front of your chair, adjust the height so the highest point of the seat (when in the horizontal position) is just below your knee cap. When you sit down, your feet should be flat on the floor, with your knees at a 90° angle, the ideal lower body position for sitting down at a desk.


Adjusting your chair height is also a great way to check up on the ergonomics of the rest of your workstation.

If you can’t fit your legs under the desktop (you should have enough room to comfortably cross your legs at the knees) or there is not enough space to move them freely, your desk is too low for you. Put it on risers, or invest in a desk that’s the proper height.

If you can sit comfortably but you have to raise your arms to reach the keyboard or work surface, your workstation is too high. Find a way to lower your worksurface (a keyboard tray might help). Alternatively, you can adjust the chair height so your elbows are the same height as your desk and use a footrest high enough so you can lay your feet flat.

If everything else is comfortable but your computer screen has you craning your neck up, down, forward or backward to see it properly you may need to adjust the placement of your monitor. The best way to do this is with an adjustable monitor arm if your brand of monitor does not rotate in all directions.

If the adjustment levers on your chair do not seem to work you may be using them incorrectly. You can contact EON for help with your office furniture if you are having problems. Our team of furniture experts know how everything is constructed and adjusted. For more chair adjustment tips you can visit this informative blog as well: