Managed Print Services

EON Welcomes Graham Burrow as Director of MPS

This month EON welcomes new Director of Managed Print Services Graham Burrow. Graham comes to us from Konica Minolta where he was the MPS Specialist for 4 years. During that time, he received recognition as being among the top MPS salespeople in the country annually and helped build Konica Minolta’s MPS business to be one of the top regions in revenue and consistently the best region in customer retention.

As a dedicated MPS asset, Graham will bring daily expertise and availability to our customers. Knowing the pitfalls and keys to success in sales, implementation, and post-sales support, Graham will be an integral part to making EON one of the most successful MPS providers in Colorado.  A short description of what MPS can offer is here in our Sticky Notes blog.

Says Graham: “Providing supplies and service to your printers at a lower cost than your current status quo is at the forefront of our MPS effort, but where we differentiate ourselves is our ability to intelligently look at the bigger picture. By providing peak performance recommendations, EON is able to improve the cost and effectiveness of your print fleet on a quarterly basis for years to come. Peak efficiency and complete cost control is our goal!”

Whether you are currently entered into a Managed Print contract or are simply considering the idea, EON is proud to present the best tools and most competitive pricing to ensure timely service and supplies as well as the lowest bottom line in the industry. If you would like to learn more about how Managed Print Services can aid your business, we would love the opportunity to assist you. Please contact us at (720) 570-5400 or fill out the form on our contact page.

Managed Print Services

Today’s busy office requires peak efficiency in every area, especially in its network of printers.  With toner often comprising up to 15% of an office’s yearly budget, Managed Print Services (MPS) from EON can offer an easy solution to keeping your fleet of printers running smoothly at the lowest cost- leaving your office free to focus on business.


The goal of MPS is to monitor every aspect of your printing network from toner usage to network security. With the power of that knowledge we can lower your printing costs, increase productivity, prevent downtime for repairs, and optimize the operation of your fleet of printers.

How does MPS work? Every office is different, and we provide tailored solutions for every business wishing to streamline their printing network. Generally, specialized software is installed for every printer to analyze use and output cost. That information is used to restructure the network of printers for peak performance. We also monitor toner levels to replenish supplies when they are low as well as providing repair and IT services to quickly resolve printing problems.

To see how Managed Print Services might benefit your business, contact EON and we will discuss the options that are right for you. As a one-stop-shop for every office we can work with different brands and configurations for the best results in every office.

by Laura Doll