Office Ergonomics

Product Spotlight- Ergonomic Chairs

October is National Ergonomics Month and the most important piece of ergonomic equipment in any office is the chair.


The human body is meant to remain in motion, so in sedentary jobs a poorly designed chair may cause stress and pressure points over time. A good ergonomic chair has many adjustable features to fit each individual’s body and, more importantly, has a large range of motion in its connections to keep your body in action.

Here are five examples of excellent ergonomic chairs that EON’s Environmental Design team recommends from Global and Allseating. As well as providing excellent support and comfort, these chairs come in a variety of quality materials and finishes to match any decor. Click the photos below to be taken to the manufacturer site for more styles and information.

Loover from Global

The Loover is an office favorite as a standard task chair with features like automatic tension, lumbar support, fully adjustable components, and vented back.

Roma from Global

This eco-friendly option has a flexible back that provides support for spinal alignment and comfort in seated tasks that require more motion. The back tilt locking mechanism provides additional support for stationary tasks as well.

G20 from Global

Sleek styling and clean lines are the hallmarks of this chair. Despite the simple look of this chair, it has advanced ergonomic adjustment options and has a synchronized mechanism that adjusts your seat automatically as you tilt for maximum comfort.

You from Allseating

This curvy chair has a unique U-shaped back suspension that automatically lifts you into a comfortable seated position and conforms to each user’s back to keep the spine supported.

Inertia from Allseating

One challenge of ergonomic chairs can be their large size- this chair provides a solution for smaller spaces with a pared down profile and smaller adjustment controls. It also comes in a variety of beautiful colors and patterns to blend into any office.

Want to see more chair options from EON? Contact your Account Manager for our full range of beautiful, durable, comfortable office furniture.

October is National Ergonomics Month

Ergonomics is a term meaning “natural laws of work” and is the practice of determining how to conform your work to your body for maximum comfort and minimum strain. Your posture and range of motion in a sedentary job can significantly impact your health and often a simple adjustment can make a big difference to risk of injury. In addition to physical strains, factors such as lighting, noise, and clutter may also affect work safety and health.

According to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), almost 33% of work injury is caused by muscle or nerve disorders that may be prevented by attention to ergonomic devices and behaviors. Click HERE to read more about optimal ergonomic seating position and elements of an ergonomic desk or workstation.

Using this free checklist from EON you can assess your ergonomic needs and work with your account manager to address them. Simply print the form, fill it out, and fax or email to your EON Account Manager. Our furniture team has an extensive catalog of ergonomic furniture and devices to beautifully outfit your space and complement your health.