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Most of us working in office settings know that times and surroundings have changed.  Large companies with a single location have become rare, as many enterprises now have global locations with employees in several office locations, as well as those telecommuting.  Collaboration between employees and independent contractors who could be working from anywhere in the world is now commonplace.  Collaboration studies have shown drastic improvements in employee morale, as well as double digit boosts in productivity.  Creating this culture in the office starts with creating an environment with your office furniture that can easily adapt to more fluid surroundings.

A key component of collaboration design is creating a working area where your team can easily gather for meetings, suggestion sessions or project-specific brainstorming. Modular furniture that can be re-designed and re-purposed for both team environments and for more private, focused-work settings is also a key element of a collaborative workplace.

Our full-service furniture division, Environments Denver, has implemented popular designs including double-sided benching workstations with tackable fabric screens to create individual privacy, as seen here with our 90Octane office design. Another option apart from double-sided benching can be accomplished with individual workstations that incorporate open office design, while still including privacy features – as can be seen here with the office furniture design project we did for Crestcom. As you can see from these examples, creating a professional, functional and inviting work space is easier than it looks!

EON Launches Environments Denver

DENVER Sept. 17, 2015 — As the building boom and economy in Denver continue to thrive, and with more and more businesses and entrepreneurs both relocating and establishing themselves here, there is a greater need to create dynamic spaces that support the workers inside. Environments Denver, previously a service provided by EON Office, is now its own division providing comprehensive solutions for workplace interiors by offering a full range of services from product selection, space planning and design to move management and leasing. Environments has differentiated themselves in the industry with their highly involved team of in-house interior designers as well as their position as a manufacturer-neutral company.

“Environments can help refresh or newly design the furniture and décor of any commercial space, under any budget, and with any style in mind,” said Elena Sirpolaidis, CEO of EON and Environments Denver. “We looked at the options available for businesses who are remodeling offices or starting from scratch in a new location, and saw a niche as a manufacturer-neutral company, which means we don’t represent just one manufacturer. Through Environments, our clients have access to over 150 manufacturers depending on the budget and objectives of each individual project.”

Environments Denver provides a one-stop-shop solution for office interiors from carpet, paint, furniture and signage, to artwork, sound masking, and architectural walls. Their team of five in-house designers are hand-selected for each client based on the client’s individual needs and style. Each designer is personally in touch with every client throughout the design process, from start to finish, so there is no middle man.

“We know the importance one’s workspace has in daily routines, efficiencies and overall job satisfaction,” said Sirpolaidis. “Through Environments, we can create any type of commercial space to support and leverage our clients’ unique vision.”

Environments supports clients in a variety of industries including corporations, education and healthcare facilities, nonprofit organizations and local and national government.

“We take pride in the long-lasting relationships we create with our clients,” said Sirpolaidis. “It is our goal to work together to help our client’s workplace be more productive, and to continue to support their business beyond their office design project.”

Environments is a division of EON Office, a woman- and family-owned company with a more than 40-year history in Denver.

For more information about Environments Denver, visit Connect with Environments Denver on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Office Design Trends for 2015

With 2015 still newly upon us, here are some office design trends we think you can expect to see in the upcoming year.


Integrated Technology 

Sometimes less is more! With recent advances in technology (i.e., the latest smartphones, tablets, and hybrid computers), you might be noticing less clutter on your office desk. And with so many wireless products available, gone might be the days of having to worry about tripping over cables around your workstation. Expect to see more technology built in to the workplace this year, as well. From built-in charging stations and USB ports and outlets in furniture, to a new big-screen in the conference room for wireless video presentations – there is no shortage of upgrades you can expect to see around a modern office.

Open-Concept Design 

With the current speed and connectivity of technology, open communication is more vital than ever to business growth. Many employers strive to foster creativity and brainstorming by utilizing an open-concept office design. Comfort is always key, and these designs should ensure that employees will feel relaxed both standing and sitting in the office for long intervals. Privacy is still needed, so expect to see “phone booth” concepts and other separated enclaves to provide individual privacy. Open-concept design is also ideal for networking and welcoming clients and prospects to your office. This year, expect to see fewer cubicles and more open and inviting workplaces.

Environmentally Friendly 

Also expect to see more integration of eco-friendly practices in office design this year. Natural light and energy-efficient lighting are essential to a “green” workplace; technology (such as computer monitors) may also be updated to become more energy efficient. Environmentally friendly office furniture and supplies are also key; a wide variety of products with recycled content and other eco-friendly features are becoming more prevalent and affordable. Even nature-inspired office color schemes featuring earth tones and greens may become more prevalent this year.

Do you have some predictions for office trends in 2015? We would love to hear them!


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