Office Organization

5 Workplace Hacks for the Office

Sometimes the smallest things can make our lives much easier. With simple items that might be lying around, we can transform a cluttered workspace into a place where we can flourish. Here are 5 workplace hacks that offer some extra organization and productivity to your space. 



Hack #1: Lego Holders

Cords are messy, and with all of our chargers laying around it can make for a clutter zone on our desks. Legos are a perfect (and fun!) solution to hold those pesky cords and keep them from taking up precious space. Most desks have a circular cut-out area for cords to be more accessible. Try placing the Lego friends by these holes to have easy access to your chargers when it is time to use them. Your inner child will thank you for this hack.


Hack #2: Other uses for Binder Clips

Binder clips may be among the most common items you will find laying around the office, but there are more uses for the clips besides keeping your papers nice and neat. One of the best things you can do with binder clips is clip to them around your workspace to hold everyday work items like rubber bands and pens. Another great trick with binder clips is using them to fix your keyboard if the stand is broken! Also, if you need to make a quick stand to hold your cell phone, look no further than a trusty binder clip.

Hack #3: Bread Tag Labels

Chances are, at the bottom of our desks near our power strip we will find a tangled mess of cords. There is also a good chance that we are using almost every single socket on our power strip. It can be confusing to know which cable runs where, and what is safe to unplug. With simple bread tag labels, we will know know exactly what each cord is and never have to worry about unplugging our desktop computer when we meant to unplug our laptop charger!



Hack #4: Keyboard Cleaners

Unfortunately, our keyboards can get really dirty really fast, and we might not think to clean them or even know the proper way how. One of the easiest ways we can clean our keyboards is with some scotch tape. By sliding a strip between the rows on our keyboards, the adhesive side of the tape will automatically pick up things like computer dust and crumbs. Other useful items to clean keyboards include Post-It Notes and Q-Tips.


Hack #5: Cereal Box Dividers

Before you recycle that next box of cereal, you may find some uses for it at your office! By keeping your cereal boxes, you can turn them into a storage bin for your items or even dividers for your desk drawers. This is the perfect inexpensive solution for stashing all of your desk drawer items and keeping them organized. Here is a handy guide on how you can make the cereal box dividers.

Do you have any hacks that makes your life easier at work? We would love to hear about them! 

5 Keys to Spring-Cleaning your Office Space

Spring is officially here! With the changing of the seasons, we have probably started to take advantage of the nicer weather and longer hours of daylight. Spring is also the perfect time for workspace improvement, and what better way to accomplish it than by some good old-fashioned spring cleaning. Here are 5 tips to get your office space feeling right again.


#1: Organize!

When most people think of spring cleaning, what often comes to mind is throwing things away. While this is certainly helpful, sometimes we simply need is to organize all the belongings around us. We should divide all of items on our desk into zones if we can, and tools like filing cabinets can provide much-needed space. A good rule of thumb is to keep everything you need within an arm’s length, and everything else neatly put away.

#2: To-do, To-Read, To-File

Continuing the first organization tip, every paper we have should be organized into three categories: to-do, to-read, and to-file. Start by organizing all papers into these three piles; from here, we can have three labeled binders for easy placement of everything going forward. By using these three categories, we can eliminate that mountains of paper that inevitably end up on our desks at times.

#3: Clean Up that Clutter Drawer

The good, old clutter drawer. Chances are we’ve all had one at some point in time – that infamous top drawer where we keep all items we need in some way, but don’t necessarily like to have on our desks. By throwing everything into one drawer, it will be difficult to find our stapler or sticky notes when we will actually need to use these items. Drawer dividers or organizers are a great way to place all of our items into organized sections so we can easily access the items we need.

#4: Digital Clutter

So now you have your desk and office space cleaned off – nice work! Unfortunately, there is probably a bigger mess lurking in the computer. It’s to stash all of the files we need on our desktop, or in one master folder – but that won’t do any favors to our stress levels. The same can be said for not properly organizing and deleting or archiving emails. Luckily, our computers and software have great built-in filing and organization systems. We should create an adequate number of folders that are easy to access, and regularly delete old files on our computers to keep the digital clutter at bay.

#5: Regular Upkeep

Let’s not wait until spring every year to clean our office space! One of the best things we can do is establish a limit for how much clutter we can comfortably deal with. We all get busy, and things eventually pile up, but when we hit our clutter capacity it’s time to clean things up. By spending minimal amounts of time doing some basic cleaning each week, we can all breathe a sigh of relief and maintain our ideal work environment.

Do you have any spring-cleaning suggestions or techniques to maintain a clutter-free office? Share them with us!