Office Trends

Office Design Trends for 2015

With 2015 still newly upon us, here are some office design trends we think you can expect to see in the upcoming year.


Integrated Technology 

Sometimes less is more! With recent advances in technology (i.e., the latest smartphones, tablets, and hybrid computers), you might be noticing less clutter on your office desk. And with so many wireless products available, gone might be the days of having to worry about tripping over cables around your workstation. Expect to see more technology built in to the workplace this year, as well. From built-in charging stations and USB ports and outlets in furniture, to a new big-screen in the conference room for wireless video presentations – there is no shortage of upgrades you can expect to see around a modern office.

Open-Concept Design 

With the current speed and connectivity of technology, open communication is more vital than ever to business growth. Many employers strive to foster creativity and brainstorming by utilizing an open-concept office design. Comfort is always key, and these designs should ensure that employees will feel relaxed both standing and sitting in the office for long intervals. Privacy is still needed, so expect to see “phone booth” concepts and other separated enclaves to provide individual privacy. Open-concept design is also ideal for networking and welcoming clients and prospects to your office. This year, expect to see fewer cubicles and more open and inviting workplaces.

Environmentally Friendly 

Also expect to see more integration of eco-friendly practices in office design this year. Natural light and energy-efficient lighting are essential to a “green” workplace; technology (such as computer monitors) may also be updated to become more energy efficient. Environmentally friendly office furniture and supplies are also key; a wide variety of products with recycled content and other eco-friendly features are becoming more prevalent and affordable. Even nature-inspired office color schemes featuring earth tones and greens may become more prevalent this year.

Do you have some predictions for office trends in 2015? We would love to hear them!


Marsala for your Office Life

“Sophisticated and glamorous, yet earthy and organic. Warm, and universally appealing. Dramatic in an unexpected way. Full-bodied and fulfilling.” This is how the LA Showroom describes the 2015 Pantone Color of the Year, Marsala. Yes, Marsala is the 2015 Pantone Color of the Year, and we’d like to offer some ways to integrate it into your office life.

First, you might be wondering: what exactly is the color Marsala? It’s depicted below, and can be best described as a red and brown shade mix. Here are three ways you can represent this color well around the office.


Marsala was selected as the 2015 Pantone Color of the Year because of its versatility in appealing to a multitude of ages, genders, and lifestyles. What better way to support the color at your office than by wearing it? Women can sport this color in a variety of ways, from boots or a scarf to a sharp-looking dress. Men can also integrate Marsala into fashion by wearing it in a tie, polo shirt or a button-down to the office. 


While you look great wearing Marsala, your company can also stand out with this premier Pantone color. Try integrating the color Marsala into your next presentation or report. The color makes for a great heading, and can be refreshing when you feel you have over-used your standard black fonts. Marsala is also a strong accent color and can pair well with a variety of other colors to help your logo and branding stand out more. To use Marsala, just enter the RGB values of 150,79, and 76.


You can’t truly celebrate the 2015 Pantone Color of the Year without getting to celebrate for yourself. Before it was the color of the year, Marsala’s roots date back to 1773 where the color could be found in Italian red wine. You might want to enjoy a glass of Marsala wine when you get that promotion, or finally close that deal you have been working on. For non-drinkers, a little Marsala wine makes a great ingredient in cooking (think Chicken Marsala) – and a special meal prepared for the office could help add to a very colorful celebration.