Winter Office Products

Cold Weather Must-Haves for the Office


snowflake_banner-hello-winterIt’s the first official day of winter, and we’re seeing some cold weather! We’ve put together a list of winter essentials to help keep your workplace safe and warm. Type the below item numbers or keywords into our search box and you’ll be one step closer to comfort. Something we missed? Let us know by adding a “paper clip” in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you!



Keep your employees safe and warm with our cold weather gear. Ward off slips and slides with our ice melt and entry mats. And be prepared with charged batteries a plenty:

  • Entry Mats (GJO59466)
  • Northflex Cold Gloves (NSPNF11HD8M)
  • Waterproof Safety Boots (SVS18801BLM100)
  • Hand Warming Packs (EGO16990)
  • Weego Jump Starter Battery + (Search: Weego)



There’s nothing like sipping a warm cup of coffee or tea, or slurping chicken noodle soup while watching the snow accumulate outside your breakroom window. Stay energized, healthy, and keep your belly full with our cold weather breakroom essentials:

  • NEW! Flavia Coffee Line (Search: Flavia)
  • *SEASONAL Spicy Eggnog Keurig K-Cups (GMT6774)
  • *SEASONAL Wicked Winter Blend K-Cups (GMT6205)
  • *SEASONAL Creamers (Search: Peppermint Mocha or Pumpkin Spice Creamer)
  • Tazo Zen Tea (SBK149900)
  • N’Joy Gourmet Oatmeal (Search: NJoy Oatmeal)
  • Healthy Choice Chicken Noodle Soup (CNG17173)
  • KIND Healthy Snack Bars (Search: KIND Bars)
  • Planters Heart Healthy Mixed Nuts (KRF05957)



A cold or the flu can spread through your workplace like wildfire. Keep your office sanitized and sniffle free with our preventative care items. And should sickness take hold, we have you covered with the medicine and warmth you’ll need to keep the shakes at bay while you work away:

  • Airborne DualAction Immune Support (AVTSN18531)
  • Genuine Joe Disinfectant Wipes (GJO14142)
  • NEW! Purell Surface Spray (Search: Purell Surface Spray)
  • Purell Hand Sanitizer Office Starter Kit (GOJ9652K1)
  • PhysiciansCare Cold & Cough Medicine (ACM90092)
  • Indoor Portable Space Heater (LLR33557)





We’re confident these items will add just the right amount of calm and cozy to your workplace!


*Seasonal Items are available for a limited time only.


5 Office Products Ready for the Winter


Thanksgiving has come and gone, and winter is right around the corner! Here are 5 products from EON to help your office get winter-ready.




Lorell Convection Heater Electric – Black – Portable

Freezing in certain parts of the office? Look no further than this portable electric heater!

  • Heater spreads heat over a wide area with 900-watt and 1500-watt settings
  • Switch it to the fan-only setting and control the temperature with an adjustable thermostat
  • Safety features includes safety overheat protection and safety tip-over protection that turns the heater fan off
  • Features a power indicator light, 6′ power cord and recessed carry handle for easy transport


Honeywell HWM-330 Console Humidifier
Steam Vaporizer, Warm Mist – 1.25 gal – 3 gal/Day – 1050 Sq. ft.

This humidifier will help anyone suffering from the common office cold, and help mitigate the negative side effects of dry winter air.

  • Top-fill technology allows easy filling from with pitcher or water can
  • Manual controls provide simple operation with 2 settings
  • Removable, dishwasher-safe top grille and filter tray allow easy cleaning
  • ProTec treated filter and water reservoirs help keep unit clean
  • Flowing water provides relaxing, soothing sound


Genuine Joe Single Door Brush Tip Scraper Mat
32″ Length x 24″ Width – Rubber – Black

Protect the office floors from unwanted snow tracking with this excellent scraper mat.

  • Designed for outdoor use or inside foyer entrance use; absorbs moisture and protects floors
  • Individual rubber bristles clean shoes with brushing action
  • Simply shake and vacuum or rinse clean
  • Size: 24’W x 32″

Feeling like a warm, cozy beverage? Choose a favorite seasonal flavor with these delicious Green Mountain K-Cup Coffee Packs.


Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Pumpkin Spice Coffee K-Cup 24 Pack


Green Mountain Naturals Hot Apple Cider Coffee K-Cup 24 Pack


Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Spicy Eggnog Coffee K-Cup 24 Pack


Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Gingerbread Coffee K-Cup 24 Pack


Scotwood Road Runner Ice Melt
Magnesium Chloride, Calcium Chloride, Sodium Chloride -15°F (-26.1°C) – 50 lb

Don’t worry about dangerous ice outside the building this year with the Scotwood Road Runner Ice Melt.

  • Contains calcium and magnesium chloride pellets to melt ice upon impact
  • Generates melting heat fast
  • Melts effectively to negative 15 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Colorless and odorless formula does not track

EON has solutions for any space – search our catalog for more winter preparedness products at EON Online.